Open Accounts

  • Importer requests issue of Purchase Orders.
  • Bank issues Purchase Orders.
  • Exporter views Purchase Order.
  • Exporter accepts Purchase Order.
  • Bank registers bill under accepted Purchase Order and processes the same.

Supply Chain Financing

  • A Purchase Order is initiated by the Importer and sent to his banker.
  • The Bank approves the same and makes it available for viewing by Exporter.
  • The Exporter conveys his Approval.
  • Exporter ships the goods and initiates document submission to the Bank.
  • The Bank registers the same and informs the Importer.
  • Importer accepts the document and REQUESTS THE BANK to make immediate payment.
  • The Bank pays the Exporter immediately.
  • On the maturity date, the Bank recovers the Bill/Invoice value from Importer with interests and costs applicable thereon.

Avalisation, Supplier Credit and Buyer Credit

  • Import Collection registered by bank.
  • Avalisation request accepted. Similarly request for Supper/Buyer Credit accepted.
  • If necessary accepted bill is discounted by bank.
  • Payment made in due course.