Application Security

Fintra Application ensures that the data is absolutely protected. It has effective controls to prevent external hacking or data breach by using valid SSL Certificates, not storing data in browser cache, invalidating sessions on log out or after specified idle period and by preventing sensitive data transmission through URL etc. The Application has a strong user credential policy which ensures prevention of misuse.

Firewall Security

The application is protected under strong network firewall policy.

Cloud Version

Both the Applications viz., Branch Application as well as Client Front-end are made available through Cloud. This is made available through Digital Ocean, an USA based Company having their server at Bangalore, India. They have over 50000 teams as Clients with 58 million droplets and is a fully secured network.


The Product has been tested for “Application Security Testing – Grey Box” by M/s Paladion Networks Pvt. Ltd and they have issued a Certificate to that effect. M/s Paladion Networks are global leaders in Cyber Defense and Security. The vulnerabilities pointed out by M/s Paladion during the course of testing have been duly attended and complied with.