One of the very unique features of Fintra is its ability to enable the Bank Administrator to configure Swift messages on his own without any dependence on the software provider. Fintra enables the Administrator to create any number of Swift Message templates from a list of valid Tags approved by Swift and attach them to the relevant transactions. Any modification to these messages can also be handled by the Administrator himself. This will give absolute freedom and liberty to the Bank Administrator to configure and maintain the Swift messages on his own and also to configure new Messages that may be introduced by Swift in times to come. Explained below how this feature works:

  • List of all tags required under Swift is preset in the Product.
  • Administrative User can create own templates from these tags.
  • These templates can also be attached to respective transactions.
  • Any modifications to these templates can also be done by the Administrator.
  • New tags, if any introduced by Swift, will need to be added by vendor as a one time activity.