Next Generation User Interface

Fintra is built ground up on state of the art technologies. Its Single Page Architecture (SPA) is a visual delight for users besides delivering high productivity. The AngularJS based rich user interface will make navigation, data entry, document management and workflow management a breeze.


RESTful Business Services

All the business services are delivered leveraging REST API, making their standards based integration with any of your institutions channels and applications.


Lightning Fast Server-side Performance

The back-end is developed on acclaimed Node.js platform. You will get split second responses with minimal hardware investment. The application is carefully architected to be secure, scalable and extensible.


Choice of Databases

You will have a choice of using MySQL – one of the most popular relational databases or MongoDB – the industry leading NoSQL database.


Our discerning customers would have observed Fintra is delivered on cutting edge technology that is not heavy on their wallets in terms of license costs. There is no legacy or proprietary component to tie you back. You will enjoy services of a future-proof and secure product that can grow to your needs and scale to your demand.